Dr. Angelica Drum D.A.O.M., C.C.P., L.Ac.  


  • Doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Acupuncture Insurance Biller
  • Subject Matter Expert for Acupuncture Board
  • CEU Workshop Sponsor
  • University Clinic Supervisor
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Assistant Supervisor
  • Full-time facilities manager

My personal mission is to pursue opportunities that promote and utilize an integrative medical approach using both eastern and western medicine to help facilitate the best healing for patients. As a person with a congenital disability, I have spent much of my life in the hands of western medicine. After 23 surgeries with no improvement and incurring extensive damage, I have spent my adult life on a mission to find more productive therapies and treatments. Chinese Medicine has shown me a non-invasive and widely therapeutic form of medicine.  I look forward to the day eastern and western medicine become one, giving the patient and the doctor a superior and more complete choice of treatment.


Drum Acupuncture